Radio wiring

Hi guys, i have a radio issue with my gto. The thing is i don’t know much about wiring and i could not find any info.
Here’s the situation: i bought the car in september with apparently a broken radio. But when i took the radio off i noticed it didnt even have any wires connected to the car. There also wasnt any matching connectors in the car. I took pictures from the connectors, i’ll try to upload them. The yellow ish connector is from the radio and the white one from car.
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You can buy one of these to fit an aftermarket unit if not.

Thanks a lot. I appreciate your effort to help me ;)! Now i just need a way to get that shipped to finland!

Just do an eBay search for iso harness MITSUBISHI gto on your own country’s eBay or equivalent ?

Looking back at the wires you linked, it seems that they dont fit in the connector that is in my car. What kind of connector is the one in my car?

The bit you are holding is there not a connection further back from that ?

No. The wires go inside a black tube after the connector. There’s also a sh*t ton of wires laying around behind the radio.

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Welcome to the club, as Dave says there is a patch lead that you can buy that will go from the original factory plug to a new unit.
If you get that then you can see if the wiring is powered (or use a meter) not too hard, fit the new unit and see if it works.
Good luck.

So i decided to go the old school way and not use any adapters and just connect the wires one by one. I now ran to a new problem. Everything seems fine but i cant find a purpose for these 2,5mm jacks that come out of the car.

I’m sorry I will have to close this thread, the catagory once again is for introducing yourself and car… not technical information, whilst I understand your not in the UK our members contribute to forum running costs so it’s not fair.

Thanks Dave