Rapid Racking Racing at Castle Coombe (pic heavy!)

Last Sunday I went down to Castle Coombe to watch some varied racing events, thought I’d share a few of the pics with you…

Damon Hill’s son Josh was racing in the Formula Ford’s:

I have to admit though, the actual highlights for me were some of the cars that WEREN’T racing…

Parked up next to the Ferrari race team was a beautiful Dino 246 GT…

And behind it (as the more observant of you may have spotted!) was my childhood dream car…an F40… 8)

Thanks for looking!

All the photos (some 240 odd) can be found http://picasaweb.google.com/gavin.veal/CastleCoombe?feat=directlink


Looks like a great day and superb pics.


Gav picture 5 the ferrari front bumper looks the business. Great pictures best wishes Phillip(silver surfer)