Re joining

well after 3 years of car being off the road it is now up and running again so thought bet renew just wanted to know if i have to pay new member again or renewal??

Daniel Collcutt


Hang on a minute Dan … you can pay for the 3 years you missed too :lol: cheeky boy

Ive sent you a pm mate

Craig :slight_smile:

lol i would if i could afford to,
replied pm thanks mate

Payment sent via paypal and form signed and posted :smiley:

Daniel Collcutt

How about posting in the New Members section so newbies like me can get to know you?

Nice to see members coming back. Welcome into the fold once more.

HI DAN How is the car is this the repaired one nice to see you back Best Wishes Phillip (Silver Surfer)

Hi Dan,

good to see you back


Good to hear you’re back on the road Dan :slight_smile:

the 3000GT in my pic is the one i got back on the road, the 3000GT i got from sumiyaka i still got but needs repairing as well, Jo sold her black GTO