Reading jap car owners club meet 21 Aug

The next Reading meet will be at the usual Comet car park next to The Madejski stadium J11 M4 Reading on Tuesday 21st August from 7pm until 9PM.

There has been a few people noted who have driven into or out off the meet in a dangarous way.

The Reading meet is only running because of the people who attend who are mature enough to realise that the public roads are no place to show off.

I have contacted Thames Valley Police as they have always been very helpful with the meet and they are willing to help out again.

If you are seen entering or leaving the meet in a way that would attract the wrong sort of attention your number plate will be taken and you will be asked to park up or leave the meet permanantly, if you are then spotted again and the police have a complaint your number plate details will be passed on.

In the eyes of the police you are disturbing a public gathering.

This may seem to be a bit harsh but the needs of the many outway the needs of the few.

Stay safe Stay alive.

The Reading meet team

Guys hope some of you can make it as there used to be a good turn out of gto,s :slight_smile:

Well done guys a geat meet with a great turn out. (only 3 gto,s) but im sure you guys will be coming to next months.