Rear Active Aero Brake Light

Hi Rob, have you got or can you get a complete rear active aero brake light, mines only got the reflector but i want the whole thing.

Thanks Richard

you could just buy a gto spoiler and swap the bits!! maybe even re sell the spoiler with your reflector??


any good ?

i could also use one of these as i have realised mine is also just a reflector.that ebay link looks totally different to the one in my mark 2 3000gt spoiler , although admitidly i only unscrewed the reflector not the whole light housing.
cheers duncan .
also i really need a new front aero as the one on mine was killed by the speed bumps around the previous owners house.
also is it normal for my dump valve to not work all the time ? since fitting it it has decided to work only when it feels like it which is worrying when under hard acceleration as the boost pressure is more than likely going straight back into the turbos. I have a blue evil empire bov bought about 2 weeks ago from you. should i be oiling it or positioning it in a certain way ?
Thanks Duncan.

Hi Ducan,

Give me a call and we discuss and sort out your Dump valve problem for you.

we can have a chat about the other bits you mentioned

Cheers Rob