Rear brake disc size

Are the rear brake discs on all 92 Mk1 non turbo models the same size…I am replacing the discs and was asked by the retailer if they are 284 or 297mm.Cant get an accurate reading with the tape unless i take the wheel off…Meby gonna put a set of dimpled and grooved Goodridge rears on to match 296mm DBA Golds on the front…These goodridge are the same price as Apec and Comline discs from my local motorfactors so i though they would be a better investment…

From what i can tell by eyeing the tape they are 284mm??

If it’s mk1 with the slider type caliper is the 284 if it’s a mk2 with the 2 pot caliper is the 296

Thanks Jerry ,Not shure on the caliper weather its slider type or not but car is a MK1 …From what i can see by holding the tape outside the wheel its 284mm…I emailed Rob to ask this but havent had a reply yet

It should be if it’s mk1
Does it look like this one?if yes it’s a 284

Jerry :grinning:

If you have 296mm fronts, then you will have the 284mm rears.

Definitely 284mm

Thanks for the replys guys…Getting a few bits together for next year .Next is clay bar kit and a good polish and wax for the winter…Not putting it on the road till next year.Rob suggested classicadditions for a good car cover…there a couple hundred quid but apparently they are supposed to last 7-8 years.Anyone use these covers?

Forgot …any suggestions for good rear brake discs .as i said i can get Goodrridge dimpled and grooved delivered for the same price as Apec or Comline here…about £80 …
Will get a few pics of the motor posted shortly

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Had to take to garage last week to have plugs ,fuel filter and air box fitted. …took me a while to get it outa the yard …tight is an understatement…Needs a little tidying up but its a decent car ,the last owner had it for 10 years …theres only 64k on the clock

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Hi Alan
I have a pair of dba 284 rear discs for a na surplus to requirements, done 8-10k miles so little use if they could be any good for you, got a pair of calipers as well. And the pads that match the discs.
Any use?

Hi Jerry
I may be interested in the discs can you send a pic? ,i Rob has sent me pads so ok there …The calipers on mine are ok as far as i know…how much you looking for discs? …calipers i may be interested in as spares at the right price…thanks

Let me know what the car covers like im looking into them myself for the winter as my cars kept outside

Wiil do…read some positive comments on the classicadditions covers over others on various forums

Hi will send some photos asap, cheers