Rear Power steering control valve

Rebuilding the rear subframe assembly next summer so going to refurb the entire assembly if poss. Steering rack, pipes bushes etc. Just wondering if the control valve for the rear power steering is a serviceable part or can be refurbished and made pretty again.

You had better order the subframe bush kit as i only have a few left and i am the only company in the world with stock of the complete kit .a After these kits run out the kit will be an obsolete kit and you wont be able to the overhaul.

Most of the pipes are now also hard to obtain too

Just thought i would let you know before you -pull it apart next year and can replace the parts and wreck the car

Can you send me a link to all the components I need. Thanks for letting me know.

Here you got for the subframe mount kit

These are nearly obsolete !!

Comes up with free postage but says I’m collecting in store? How do I go about getting it delivered to my home address

Have you registered with the website and put your name and address in properly ??

The mini cart is not working at the moment you have to join the website properly

Any problems give me a call 01702-614469

Cheers Rob

Be needing one of them

Hi Torx

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