Rear wing gasket

I need urgently a rear wing gasket as mine is bad and it leaks water. Do you have one in stock and can you ship it quickly if i buy one asap?

Hi Jevgenij

If you talking about the Active Aero gaskets these are now extremely hard to get hold of

I have the last few Genuine one’s arriving in the next couple of weeks and i will be making copies but they will be a while after that

Sorry i cant help you sooner

Regards Rob

Yes thats the ones yes. Well its not its leaking badly, just a bit. When you get them i`ll buy them right away.

Just buy a 3mm rubber sheets on amazon and cut out using scissors. I did that to mine.

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These gaskets are now back into stock and available :yum:

Well i need them so i buy them. Could you ship it soon then?

I have a slight issue ordering, seems it wont accept my address and country. Why?

Don’t worry i will email you shortly with details

I will look after you as i have always done

Cheers Rob

Remove the picture you posted too as it has details you don’t want public in it

Superb mate, I`ll wait for the email :+1:

So mate, forgot about the e-mail? Got cash if you need the gaskets sold asap.

Just forgot… Sorry

Will sort in the morning for you

Cheers Rob

Thats cool :+1:

So mate forgot about me? Simple Minds sang about that once upon a time. Hope we still can do the business if you got the gaskets.

Packed and ready to send and have been for weeks

Did you not get my email i sent you ??

Regards Rob

Ive been looking for it but did not receive it, at least did not see any emails marked “evil empire”. I have checked that email address is correct on my account so it shoud be good. Lets try again shall we.