Red 1993 3000GT


  • Mk1 gt3000 ( in red of course!!)
  • Full (and i mean full) service by eurospec 30/11/13 all belts fluids. Drive shaft gator. New rear turbo oil drain. Front rocker cover gasket. New oil cooler and braided lines, 2 x new fan switches and 2 x prop mounts and everything else their 60k service includes ( PCV valve plugs etc)
  • Active aeros (everything possible was serviced)
  • New battery.
  • New 4 wheel steer lines. Custom made in stainless steel these will not corrode again!!
  • New 3rd gen lifters ( to be fitted along with polished plenum front rocker cover and red magnecor leads.
  • Brand new rad and mishimoto hoses to be fitted
  • oz super t wheels ( do need attention tbh) 265 good tyres on rear good 245 on fronts all 18inch
  • new starter motor ( i still have the old that can be sent away for exchange if ever needed again)
  • piston style oil filler cap.
  • New brakes and pads all round ( grooved stop techs)
  • Brand new front pipe through to back box s/steel exhaust. A month old!!
  • regular oil changes
  • loads of history alot of mitsubishi initially then various garages and specialists.
  • Alpine head unit (still has the original tape holders under it!)
  • Ecu leaky caps repaired by ecu doctor
  • Spare ignition barrell back ( not sure what its called lol)

###Known issues

  • a mark on front bumper from where i was towed when my 4 w steer blew up.
  • Cruise control intermittant so seems like a vacuum issue
  • Cracked drivers side headlight lense i have a spare to be fitted
  • i have had to seal the rear aerial as it was leaking into the boot. No water ingress on her since and thankfully i caught it early
  • usual wear on seats but not overly bad as she has done 111k (just under)

MOT til Sept 15

I have been replacing as much as possible with original parts and some very discreet upgrades. namely the wheels and slightly more agressive bonnett vents. Original bonnet bumps included in sale

I’m including everything in this sale as I want the car to go to someone who has the intention of restoring it to the standard that I have been.
Every spare / replacement part I have will be included in the sale of this.

£5000 gets everything please be advised the eurospec bill alone was £2300 so if you think what you could get through Ebay and then the potential spending you will need to do to make it anywhere near road worthy could potentially be astronomical and you could purchase this several times over.

I will post photos in the morning as its too late for me to get some good photos. Reason for sale is I need to unfortunately. My T5 camper is also up for sale if anyone is interested in that …

I will see if I get any interest through the forum prior to going to pistonheads etc

I may have missed some things so will update as and when I remember!

Any questions please ask, had fresh oil today as it was due so literally nothing for a new owner to do bar enjoy the drive

No longer for sale. Van has sold which means the gt can stay and will now be my daily drive!!! 3 days in and ive gotta say im glad it stayed the more i use it the more i love it!!

Glad you are keeping her. Its a stunning example. You don’t see many red ones with such vibrant paint work. They all seem to fade. Has it had a respray at some point?

Shes had a bit on the rear quarter which is why my aerial was leaking as the gasket wasnt replaced. Theres a touch of overspray on the black wiper tray. Rest i believe is original especially the plastics as they fade if not kept on top of although to be fair a quick wash n some megs and she comes back like that again. Will have her touched up soon as got some stone chips and small sections of rubbing from where i was towed. Wheel refurb and then seats and fit my polished plenum etc and its done. Will be a couple of k but just released that so by the end of the yr she will be mostly standard former glory. But better!!

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Well that is pretty impressive for the original paintwork. You have a beauty there so keep hold of it!

Really glad your keeping its a really nice car

I would miss our chats other wise Mark… :smiley:

your due a call mate! Il be in touch by the end of the week. Need few more bits n pieces

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