Red 1993 gto for sale


Red 1993 k reg for sale great car owned 6 years .
just time to move on .
Over £10K spent over the years.
[size=18]£4250 ONO[/size]

13t turbos
AEM Widebaned 02 Monitoring gauge
Aeromotive Fuel Pressure Regulator & Gauge Kit
Amber downpipe
blue flame quad Exhaust
Evil Empire dump valve
Full Front Mount Intercooler Kit
GTO Fuel Rail Jumper Kit
hot wire
K&N Air Filter Kit For MAFT Pro
kormex 25 spline shaft and sleeve
Syncro repairs
KV85 Spark Plug Lead Kit
Maft pro
polished y pipe
RC 550cc Injectors
Comp stage 2 clutch
Walbro 255 LPH Fuel Pump
Ebc turbo groove/dimple/redstuff
18" lenso’s

104k miles
All mods by eurospec
great for year.


shame to see you moving on .nice looking car . 415 bhp .a blody bargain with all the mods you have done anyone looking for a fun toy should rip your arm off at that price .good luck with the sale and the new car .

I’d love to see more picture if you have them mate, preferable from both in- and exterior.


Will get some more pics on next week once ive polished her up a bit .
looking on ebay theres some hopefull idiots or im selling too cheap?.


[size=24]Some more pics[/size]

[size=24]New ride[/size]



No interest! :frowning:

Have original wheels with tyres and all the parts taken off for the upgrades.
New clutch fitted in Nov.


Doesn’t look like I will sell here so eBay it is.
416 bhp on dyno at 12psi boost .
Cheers anyway

It’s a real shame you’re having to sell right now fella. Now’s not a good time. It looks really tidy and so well looked after. Good luck on eBay, I’ve got a feeling you won’t get all you’re hoping for but I really hope you do.


I would personally wait until later in the year , when people have recovered from Christmas and have some cash in their pockets…

Don’t sell it cheap, you will be doing your self an injustice as people will pay proper money for these , just don’t be in hurry to sell it and it will come to you !!!

Good luck with the sale

Cheers Rob


Need some cheap classic insurance had to cancel current to get no claims back for new motor,so any good recommendations for classic weekend drive insurance !


Footman James.

They absolutely ruined any other quote I had. Paying in instalments, it was about £340. That’s on a standard car though.


They do quote well, but I thought they did not do imports or modified or have they changed this policy.


Try Lee @A Plan

0845 0711234

Tell him Rob from the Evil Empire sent you and i am sure he will make you happy

Cheers Rob

I just got a great quote from Aplan, it’s worth a call. :smiley:


[quote]They do quote well, but I thought they did not do imports or modified or have they changed this policy.


As Staff says, and they beat the hell out of any other quotes I had. I note that they aren’t so competitive when it come to modifications, but my Mk1 N/A is of course an import. Best premium I’ve had in years.


Ill give them a call tomorrow and see how they compare. :smiley:


Just to let you know, Footman James wont insurance if you have many mods.



On ebay


It’s gone to Andy in sheffield .
Gone to post office to pick up under paid postage and f me it’s the ■■■■■■ gto uk renewal form !
£1.19 to rub my nose in selling my car not impressed!
Happy motoring