Red 1997 3000GT UK mk2 Breaking

majority of parts sold…

sorry for late reply.

Pm sent

I’ll take the heater control unit please mate :wink:

You up for the challenge of wiring it in dude

do you still have the steering wheel ?

Yes I have bud. It’s the mk3 mk4 black leather steeringwheel…

UUnfortunately I need the wheel (or a steeringwheel) to move the car when iI scrap it. Lol

These steering wheels are desirable aswell.

Where do u live


You up for the challenge of wiring it in dude[/quote]

God no!! It’s for my mate to try and wire in his mk1 :lol:

If for some reason you decide to start parting the engine let me know as I desire a mk2-3 crank XD

Ok mate… Highly unlikely as it’s a full good runner :slight_smile:

Have you still got the parts need loads of parts. Drivers rubber seal that fits on the bumper in front of the headlight. Boot lid front rear bumpers if they are good. Seats Damm need most of your car lol. Pat.

Have you got dashboard and cat converter?

hi there if you still have ABS PUMP please pm me marki