Red '93 Mk1 TT possibly for relucant sale

Hi All,

I am looking to possibly sell my '93 Mk1 TT

I’m not going to sugar coat it, its got a lot of issues, and as much as I would love to keep it I just dont have the time or the facilities to fix it up.

Pro Points:

  • The car runs
  • MOT until November
  • Its a Twin Turbo
  • Manual - 6 speed + reverse (as opposed to the earlier 5 speed)
  • Moon Roof with sun shade
  • 4 wheel steering still working.
  • Has an aftermarket thatcham alarm fitted
  • Technically it has a tracker fitted too but its not activated. ( one of the previous owners had it installed and its epoxied in above the rear wheel arch, btu i have no details on how to activate it).
  • It has a few cosmetic enhancements (GTO Logo on the engine)
  • Couple of custom electrical upgrades (USB Charger sockets, Internal LED lights, front/rear HD micro dash cam, stereo, speakers)
  • Fitted with Dynamat under the rear seat area, rear boot area, and rear body work to reduce vibration and road noise
  • Uprated exhaust
  • New radiator
  • Car has been maintained annually by MitsiArt in Portsmouth (one of the few Mitsi specialists left that have any idea how to service a GTO). They have history going back before I owned the car too.
  • Comes with the GTO specific private plate K600 GTO
  • Flippy headlights :smiley:

Neutral Points

  • It has the back-lit GTO Logo “sail window” modules installed. But the Backlight stopped working a while ago. It could just be a simple electrical gremlin but I’ve not had time to investigate.
  • Its had the rear seats removed and a custom level shelf added (with hidden storage beneath)
  • Solar battery charger cabling installed for dash-mountable solar panel (included).
  • Custom cupholder on the passenger side.
  • Custom phone holder mounted over the clock.
  • Custom front/rear boot divider.
  • Comes with a load of spare parts (2x sets of old seats, belts, speakers, grooved discs, spare calipers, and a miriad of other parts)
  • Front seats have been modified to sit about 2" further back to allow for better seating position for a tall driver.

Con Points includes, but not limited to:

  • Various rust (sills have been repaired but I think there might still be issues there, rear arches look like they might be on their way out, few other bits scattered around)
  • ABS was deleted as the sensors packed up
  • Aero stopped working about a week after I got it.
  • Active suspension fitted, but doesnt seem to work.
  • Aircon is holding pressure, but doesnt cool (probably the compressor)
  • Slight oil leak somewhere near the gearbox
  • Some body damage to the left front arch, and a few scuffs all round
  • Flaking paint in a number of large places (bonnet, rear wings).

If I had a garage, work shop, or even secure car port, where i could pull it all apart and tinker with it at my own pace, then I would probably keep it, but I dont, which means I have to work on it on my front drive in the cold/rain, and make sure everything is secured every night as its a high traffic area and prone to people walking off with stuff. I dont have the time to dedicate to that kind of project at the moment, and spending the money to get someone else to do the work isnt feasable so I’m reluctantly probably going to have to let it go.

I dont really know how to price it though. The cheapest one on AT atm with a similar MOT is looking in better condition and is listed for 6 grand but thats not a twin-turbo. I guess somewhere around 4-5k could be reasonable but I dont really know, so I am open to offers.

I am not really in a position to part it out for the same reasons I dont have the facilities or time to fix it up, so any buyer takes the whole car. I may be able to split out some of the spares though.

Is there any interest in this at all? What do y’all think its worth?