Red Gen3 gto Larkhill

Drove past a lovely red gen 3 on my way to work today on Packway road. I was waiting for the eye contact so we could flash each other but didn’t even notice me lol. Been told he’s been seen a few times driving through Tidworth. Is it any one on here.
@James3000GT it wasn’t you James, thought it was at first till I saw the headlights.

Not guilty could be @geoff2 If you mean it had a 99 front end?


Yes 99 front end.
yep looks like the one I saw

Yup that was me today. If I can’t sell it then drive it.
Went to London for some Lobo.
Will return in the morning.
Sorry if I missed you. (70+

:joy::joy: it’s OK we made a moment anyway. car looks apart and sounds amazing. Now I’m definitely sorting my exhaust before month end.