Red MK2 spotted

Lovely Red MK2 L 241 SMT spotted in Hillington Glasgow !

new one to me aswell lol

Is in a very good nick and just fiteed with a full SS exhaust, I don’t think is one from the Scottish owners list !

theres a lot of Scottish owners not on here spiros ,prob on ■■■■■ because its free as we scots like to save a penny or 3 :smile:

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Don’t You start now Ya stirrer, GTOUK is and always will be Alive & Kicking , btw whats happening in there any gossip ? I heard there are some dodgy ebay bidders :joy:


I’ve seen more activity in a Jap pensioners bus owners club… that reminds me should pop into ■■ online and see if anyone’s posted anything since 2010 :joy:


haha no gossip I find it unlikely aswell I know there are some para people on uk lol .I find ■■ a good platform and no paranoid folk worrying about whos who or whos out to get them :smile:this site gets worse by the day ,everytime I come on theres aload of pointless posts but its entertaining :wink:

No paranoid folk over there as a lot are Kent inbreds and if you speak out the S/A fuhrer bans people :joy::joy:

Welcome to it tbh .

The big difference is this a a Club , we get out meet each other show our cars etc , that’s just a forum , I also find we are more accommodating to modifications , tend not to diss what people are doing

Well said Scott , me and few others are the prime example :grin: :joy: