Red n/a now for sale!

1995 gto n/a 4ws,

Cambelt/water pumpdone just over 3 years ago with reciept, new rad, recon 18" alloys, discs and pads all round a year old (stoptech fronts), gearbox is good (reverse gear sometimes needs a couple of attempts to get in) Aircon mechanically works but leaks somewhere, but all electrics work as they should, decent piaa hid headlights (not the cheapo kits) believe to be fitted in Japan, paint half decent, good powerflow exhaust, new spark plugs and leads, 5 months mot, immobiliser, tien coilovers (set at a standardish ride height), Could do with a 4 wheel alignment, 91,000 miles roughly on clock. Original Japanese service book and manual.


Good luck with the sale , nice tidy looking motor

Craig :grinning:


Going on eBay tonight hopefully…Gumtree proved useless.
I’m worried that this will take some time!
Any takers please let me know!!

Good luck with that it’s full of ■■■■■■■ lol
Seriously it’s hard work selling these things.

Yup, everyone wants a tt, and I don’t know of any other route. It’s a nice car and it’s just sitting doing nothing so it’s got to go

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So on with the dreamers, boys that want to run it into the ground and spend £0 in maintenance, drive it like a complete tard and then write it off and get killed, people that know nothing about them and won’t ever learn, people that aren’t insured/or won’t be able to insure it, people that want to drift it.
Or, a nice one that just wants a gto.
You can but hope

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Don’t mate I’ve just had one round…
Get this advert says no Aircon…I think I may get too hot!
Grrrrrr mother ■■■■■■ 30 mins later after a test drive even let him drive it…omg breathe

Actually @bowiespacemonkey I may pass your details on :joy::joy:

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Who needs Aircon when you can get the warm blast from the engine bay direct to your body while driving? It’s perfect!
Pass it on? To whom?

Pass your details to the last idiot who came here lol not that you won’t be flooded yourself :joy:

Oh no no no! Please don’t!

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Wow! Trying to sell an Na is like trying to sell faeces. Surely someone wants one? I know it’s not been on for long…but it’s a nice one!

Bad time of year for selling anything ,always is,people are still doing or getting over summer holiday spending and thinking about christmas,if its any consolation i just purchased two buckets of faeces,granted its from chickens and going on my garden but ■■■ is ■■■ :grin:

Well that certainly sucks, I need it gone! I don’t have the room for it!

Try 5 on a drive the size of 2 :joy:
Worth more in parts I’m afraid… join the club, I’ve had no end of time wasters that just fancy a hour out and a bull## chat.

It’s rubbish! I’m gonna end up selling it for bugger all aren’t I! I haven’t got space/time to break it, or the tools to do it…plus it’s too nice to take apart…

It’s redicolus at the moment but I believe there is a bit of a general decline in £££ what’s in people’s pockets for jollys.
Few examples I have been watching…scary really.
Old members tt

Wether they sell or not seems to be a serious lack of serious buyer’s
I’ve 23 wasters watching and like 1400 view’s lol

Generally people on fleabay want something for nothing. Try putting them on piston heads - I’ve never tried that myself but I hear you generally tend to get people who are actually interested in the car.

I’ve always sold mine on autotrader but I’ve never had to sell one of these…! At the end of the day you have to remember the market for these cars is limited to say the least but also we bought them, a buyer will eventually come along but if you want it gone quickly you will have to sell it for peanuts to the monkeys on fleabay.


Ill give that a go actually, forgot about that site. It does seem that everyone wants a car for 50p on eBay!

What Do You think Guys ?
3000gto import tt manual
mk1 twin turbo import around 80000 miles on clock lots of brand new parts just put on eg brand new ultralight 18inch wheels stagarred and tyres bc coilovers and 10 moths mot.

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