Reducing pipe

Hi Rob,

Like the new look website, much more involving. Anywho, Would you be able to get me the proper reducing pipe, the one off the Y pipe to throttle body in Red of course… or do they come as a complete set ??

Cheers Carl.

Hi Carl,

It seams you are the only one who has realised that its up and running…lol

I can do them either way…

With or without Mikalors…

I will have to work out a price for them…

Will Post something in the morning

Cheers Rob

Don’t think I can resist the shiny pipe, so I’ll have the whole kit instead…
Plus an oil filter and sump plug and washer and 6 of the cam cover washers.
Let me know when you can get these together and I’ll ring you ( got my new phone at last)

Cheers Carl.

[quote] I’ll ring you ( got my new phone at last)

Cheers Carl.[/quote]


Anytime when you have 5 mins… :lol:

Cheers rob


If you ain’t sent anything out yet, could you put a Mitsi badge in as well, if you have I’ll sort it next time…

Cheers Carl.