Reintro on return


Hello All, Been ask for an introduction so this is it. I am a long term returning member 1st joined 2013. I am not a full on modification man just love my black gto 3000 tt mk1 5 spd(import) the look at certain angles the way it crusies up the motor ways and the power to overtake at leisure each time i think i should sell it because hardly ever drove it, no where to park without idiots scratching it, slashing tyres and biggest no space or garage to work on it but then i take it for a spin and think I like it too much cant sell it.
Over the years i have i few issues the worst was when my ECU went up in smoke, still dont know exactly why but my best guess is solder splatter when i replaced the capactiors in the ecu because the engine wouldnt idle would drive ok but then when stopped the engine would rev to 2500 then cut to 1000 continuously. disconnected the stepper motor but same thing happened. Eventually I replaced the 3 capacitors in the ecu and magic it idled as required and ran well. A few months later I went to go out and turned the ignition on and smoke came from the dash and car went dead, luckily i had a work vehicle so took that.:wink:
I came on here and bought an new ecu stuck it in and perfect still running today although I bought another ecu as a spare. My gto is near original still got the original tape deck stereo hi tech for its day, only mods are wheels 245/35/R19, 235/35/R19, Momo steering wheel and gear knob so no SRS. I go to a place where you can hire a service bay with drive on car lift to service it although a bit expensive(£100 for 12 hrs or £24p/h) I like being able to see every part of it from underneath , not 1 bit of rust… I replace the gearbox, diff, transfer and engine oils on regulator basis, fuel filter etc. I have got a new interest in getting the vehicle in top running order so as I dont really know how many miles the car has done or what was done before I bought it the next job is the biggest yet all the belts especially the timing belt, water pump and associated running gear, also to remove the rad to check sensors so might be seeking some advice. Currently i rearly rev above 3000 because i am a bit paranoid about the timing belt although looks ok and can tell it has been replaced at least once for piece of mind I want to replace it much cheaper than replacing an engine.
Anyway thats me and my gto story thus far…Beast!!


Well, hello @gj1, about time you introduced yourself :joy::joy::joy:, we are a daft bunch of people but the cars are the glue of our existence :wink:. Pics look good, the club do many meets throughout the year as you probably know and it is a chance to show off your motor too. There are cars in various stages of rebuild on here :thinking: but each car has its own story to tell.

Terry :sunglasses:


MK1 All The Way :+1: