Remaining parts for sale

Mk2 rear discs and calipers, discs need attention (ie a skim) £80 delivered

Air con pump, fully working, later spec ribbed belt type £40 delivered

Alternator, ribbed belt type fully working £30 delivered

Mk2 17" alloy wheels and tyres. All tyres are “Goodride” 225/50/17 2 tyres have 5mm to the wear bar, other 2 tyres have 3mm to the wear bar! Wheels are ok some kerb marks. Collection Only £100 (worth £100 for the tyres alone)

Black lower rear 1/4 pannels £35 delivered

Power steering pump later ribbed belt type £30 delivered

rear active aero, fully working £30 delivered

6 speed transfer case no issues £300 delivered

6 speed gearbox, slightly notchy from cold into 2nd £600 collection only

i am open to offers!!!


Depending what turns out to be wrong with mine i might be after transfer box or gearbox or both , should have a better idea , well later today i guess :slight_smile:

Ill definately take the transfer case please paul as thats what has just broken on mine. Please pm me paypal details and i will let you know address to send it , many thanks , Duncan.

Have you got the aircon pump and the wheels still?