Removing a door speaker grill

Hi Guys
Can anyone tell me how i go about removing a door speaker grill.The passenger side door grill on my car was missing the metal insert grill ,so i was able to source a grill with the plastic support piece attached .When i looked at the grill on my motor i see the plastic piece is still in place .It seems to be set permanent with little plastic stubs.I dont want to pry these to much with a screwdriver untill i know for shure what way these grills come off…thanks

You need to take off the door card,the inset is screwed in from behind


Thanks …
Also are the rear brake discs on all 92 Mk1 non turbo models the same size…I am replacing the discs and was asked by the retailer if they are 284 or 297mm.Cant get an accurate reading with the tape unless i take the wheel off…Meby gonna put a set of dimpled and grooved Goodridge rears on to match DBA Golds on the front…These goodridge are the same price as Apec and Comline discs from my local motorfactors so i though they would be a better investment…

Hi fella you will find a lot of this stuff had been covered in the technical sections , there is a wealth of knowledge in there waiting to be read by full members, well worth thinking about if you are in for the long haul with your car :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

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Ok Craig thanks

I have a pair of rear na dba discs if you are not sorted, did around 8-10 k miles so in ok condition, go with the single piston sliding calipers, got a pair of them as well. (Smallet size) let me know if any use.
Cheers Jerry.

Replied other thread Jerry