Renewal due

My insurance is due for renewal - see the Sky Insurance thread - and I have been speaking with an agent regarding notices of renewal. They should be sent out one month before the existing policy expiry date, it’s an FSA requirement.
But, it seems many brokers are leaving it til the last moment before contacting customers. That way, customers find themselves with too little time left to shop around, and more or less by default, they continue with their existing insurer to avoid any hassle.
My insurance quote for this year will no doubt be higher than last year, but I’m going to start shopping around now for something competitive at least.

Update so far, Sky - yet to hear from. I anticipate about £40 extra if I stayed with them, but don’t know for sure just yet. Flux work out a little bit cheaper than my projected Sky premium, and A-plan come out a bit cheaper than Flux, but it’s on the barest minimum of FC cover.
So, how does all this stuff work?
Young Rob has recently insured his heavenly TT with A-plan, declared all the power mods etc, but it appears my tiny, stock N/A will cost me just £20 or so less to insure with them. I’m God’s gift to safe drivers :wink: ; max NCB; no points; no thuggery etc, so what’s the catch?


[quote]My insurance is due for renewal - see the Sky Insurance thread - and I have been speaking with an agent regarding notices of renewal. They should be sent out one month before the existing policy expiry date, it’s an FSA requirement.

Your agent is wrong.

Please call us on 0208 3645500

This may be of use.

Interesting reading Dave. I think a renewal reminder “in good time” is reasonable, though I had heard from a few sources otherwise.

For Sky, I’ll give you a call first thing Monday.


Age seems to play a big factor, don’t forget Rob is basically a grandad.

Ive just had a similar thing but this is with Premium Choice :?

Recieved a text message 10 minutes ago saying that my insurance is up for renewal in the next few days :? How kind of them , a renewal notice might have been nice so io could have shopped around in my own time .

Taking the ■■■■ is the phrase that comes to mind .

Absolute farce , insurance is expensive enough and a neccesity but to blatantly leave it untill a few days before notifying is wrong , so now i have to ring them to find out how much i have to pay :lol: :lol:

Craig :slight_smile: rant over

I shopped around this time, and it paid off handsomely. Sky were, in my opinion, late in their renewal notification, but as it happened, they gave me just on 3 weeks’ notice.
However, every year the same old hike. Another £50 extra or thereabouts, for what? Being a considerate, old, mild tempered piece of class, with no endorsements (yet). So I thought I’d best try someone else, and Footman James gave me a hell of a quote, by a long way. Saved about £115 on last year’s premium.
Plus this time I had my car valued at Ben’s, posted the form and photos off to FJ, and now have an agreed valuation of £4250; a massively improved cover option, all for a lot less.
Give 'em a try.


Well to be fair to them they rang me back before the agreed time this afternoon and the premium itself wasn’t too bad but the excess was ridiculous , so shop around time tomorrow see if i can get that down some .

In some respects its laziness on my part as i knew it was up in January but i usually use the reminder to give me a kick up the arse to ring around and also to give me a figure to compare against .

Craig :slight_smile:

Hi Craig
I have used F.James for over 15 years on various classic cars and been really good. My insurance is £335 with 4.5k annual mileage and an agreed valuation on my car . Worth trying them

Tried Footman james this morning spoke to a really helpful chap , although the car was fine going through on a classic policy with its age .

once i started explaining the modifications and the increase between stock HP and current he apologised and said that they wouldn’t be able to help ,their underwriters have been quite strict this year with guidelines for modified vehicles , obviously though other stuff comes in such as postcodes jobs age etc , so although they couldn’t help me they still do look competitive .

So i have changed to Sky who gave me a much better policy than my previous insurer

Craig :slight_smile:

HI Craig

thanks for the feedback as it seems I will have to leave FJ in April with all the modifications going onto mine if FJ dont accept upgrades.

Did you list everything about your car and can you drop me a PM as to what Sky said etc

:shock: New to the club and surprised as a club member we dont have a insurance company giving extra dicount for members.With other car clubs offers of 10% seems normal.

I was with Sky, and they certainly were interested in my club membership particulars, as are Footman James. Not totally sure about just how much discount is included though.


£283 with Footman James on a classic policy. That is a result as far as I am concerned.

Have to keep it in the garage or it isn’t covered for theft, so just means I have to not be lazy when I get home in the evening, but a fair trade! Especially at 26!

hi all and just to update this post.

I tried Sky insurance and I declared every single modification on my car even down to the ARP bolts and they wanted £1085 without my partner on there and no protected claims bonus and no agreed valuation on the car, so if stolen i would get market value.

So I tried Adrian flux who quoted me the following with fully declared mods and 530 BHP projection ( as the GTO is still being run in)

All mods declared even down to ARP bolt set
Protected NCB not required as on a classic car scheme
With my partner
Agreed valuation of car at £15’000
Full comprehensive
full european cover
4000 miles PA on SD&P and business to work etc

Thought it may be of interest to others


Marcus, that’s a tremendous deal, well done. And Boyband - well I have no idea how you managed that at 26 years young, very well done. My story continues…time to insure my daily runabout Peugeot 206. My existing insurers put my premium up another £225, making £527 all in. But, having transferred my NCB to my Mitsy a couple of years back, I only had 2 years earnt for the Peugeot. Being with Footman James has changed my situation for the better, because the Silver Machine is insured on a Flat Rate Classic Car policy, which is a standalone type of cover. I had to initially prove to them I’d earnt the years when I took up with them, but now, those years can be once again be used to offset my Peugeot. Result - a way better premium (still a bit higher than last year though).
Legalised robbery, always has been.