Renewal letters

The renewal letters have been sent out but ive dropped a clanger with the stamps on them .

Please read this post

Please bear with us on this while something is sorted .

You will start to get notification through the post of underfunded letters .

Craig :?

New letters will be out with you before the end of the week. Apologies for the delay in getting them out to you this year.

Dear GTOuk
Could you please check renewall of membership for 2011.
Robert Baker…funky skunky
Best Regards…Bob

I have not receieved a renewal letter and have lost forum access. Please advise

Hi Stewart

You can download a form off the site and send it to the usual place with your £20 renewal fee .

Just write renewal across the top


Craig :slight_smile:

Also myself was not sent any renewal notification…

Where on this site is the form to down load? Anyone tell me?


try this link

I am still saving up for my renewal :wink:

Mine will be in the post next week