Renewal prob

hi i sent you cash of £25 for my renewal week of agm and it is not showing i did not send renewal form as i could not print it of ,as you can see this is the secound time i am arsking i would appriciate a anser thank you simon gto simon :wink:


This very question was raised in the committee sections , unfortunately Simon has had more pressing things on his mind of late .

Unfortunately we dont accept registered mail sent to the Po Box , so in all likely hood if you put a return address on it will be heading its way back to you after the allotted 2 weeks .

The reason we cant accept registered post is because it is sent to GTOUK and unfortunately non of us are called Mr GTOUK nor do we have a utility bill in that name :lol: :lol: and have you tried arguing with the post office its a dead end to nowheresville on the best of days ,

As for payment then it either has to be cheque or payapl unles you can pay Simon in cash at Japfest


Craig :slight_smile: