Repairs to Doors - external - window strip

During the revamp of my silver lady, I am stuck on what to use to repair the external black strips on the door at the base of the door windows. The strip has dried and cracked under sunlight, can anyone suggest:

  1. How to best remove the old cracked strip
  2. Where to find a replacement strip for both doors
  3. Anything I should be careful of while removing. The old strips?

Any help appreciated


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There is a screw on the back on each side, the window strip is then just held on with two clips in the middle. If you undo the screws, you can then just lift it off, it might be a bit tight from where it has been sat for a while, if you need any extra leverage do it from the back to not scratch your door paint.


You can get replacements from Rob at evil empire but be warned they’re not cheap!

They do look the business when they have been replaced though. I need to get the little triangular bits replaced too as they have all split and cracked.


How about just take them off and repaint them? I got same thing on mine, i seems like its metal underneath.

It is these old, worn window weather strips that are the primary cause of scratches to both the driver and passenger door glass. Replacing them with new is the best way to go. Take a look at your window glass and you’ll see the results of a tired weather strip which has most likely taken a beating from the Japanese heat and dust over the years.


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As I used this guide to replace my weather strips, I found this guide a little lacking. So to dot the i’s and cross the t’s.

There are two securing screws for each strip

Then you got to peel out the inner rubber triangle from front of window, to access another screw.

Then I carefully slid a screw driver in behind the strip from the back window side and (with some force) popped the strip out.
Refitting the new strip required quite some downward (and slightly outward force) to slide it home.

Hope that helps.