Returning newbie :)

Hi all,

Had a few MK1 gto’s a good few years back,

Now going to collect my 99 3000gt today cant wait to drive one again

Will i will see a difference from an old mk1 jap to a 99 uk

Cheers :slight_smile:


Welcome back, hope you rejoin this club is better than ever with our new forum set up etc.
Your 99 should feel quiet and smooth if it is stock, a bit plushier than the mk1 maybe, with the c/f effect trims and different air con controls it seems a bit different insude, hope the leather is good.
Lets see some photos, good luck with your car.

Hi Tom
Welcome back to the club.
Fire some pics up when you have collected the car.
Obviously there is the visual difference, but also you would have had 4ws,ecs,active aero on the mk1.
The mk4 will feel a different car as without these bits it will be a lighter car.
Enjoy your day picking it up :relaxed:

Hi Tom,

You found us from Facebook then :+1: as Jerry says get some pics up. Is it the silver GT from Bournemouth that you’re picking up? Once you have your car get yourself signed up for full membership for £20 a year you get so much info and the meets we go on a great fun.


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Hi Tom welcome back :sunglasses:

Hi Tom. Looking forward to seeing this car when you get it! Get some pics up!

Welcome back to GTOUK Family Tom waiting for some pictures and full membership upgrade :wink:

Welcome back to the club :+1:

Welcome back :back:
Jerry :grinning:

Welcome tom to gtouk nut house.
Please post pictures.

welcome back :slight_smile:

Thanks guys will try and get some up now


Mk2 on 99 plate

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love going through paper work that comes with cars,

Very therapeutic i find lol.

had oil ad filter done every 4.5k for last 5 years that i can see so far still going through,
pre 2012 paper work looking a bit faded now though hard to read :slight_smile:


Uk car Colin , never saw mk3 or 99 over here Mk2 was all we got , last cars had carbon inserts on the dash and door handles etc

Seen a mk1 on a T plate. DVLA don’t have a clue sometimes

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Yea mine has the carbon effect inserts,

As I said on Facebook it definitely a uk mk2 registered in 99 it’s basically a silver mhorag :grinning:

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