Returning to the fold soon :)

Use to be a member years ago and I owned a black GTO TT

I was a bit stupid back then and modified it with a bleed valve. … to get more power

Ended up melting a piston and selling it for spares. …

I was also one of the guys that found a way to bypass the cars fuel pump relay to cut out low power hesitation :slight_smile:

Needless to say I always regretted how i killed my GTO and I ended up getting a 200sx and doing it right in that car…

But I’ve always missed the GTO

So now I’m saving up to get another

As the gf says stop talking about it and get one :slight_smile:

So hi once again

Hi fella welcome back to GTOUK 8)

Craig :slight_smile:

Welcome back to the club,
Good luck with the search for your next car to tune up :slight_smile:

Hello and welcome back! Hope you find a good one :slight_smile:

Good luck in finding what your looking for 8)

Welcome back and I hope you find a good car, I have sold one before and then come back they are addictive :slight_smile:


Me too… there are plenty of needs work GTO’s but I don’t think the GF would like a car in bits on the drive :wink:

Its when it takes over the house I tend to get in trouble :slight_smile: