Rev counter has stopped working

Morning everyone,

I was going to take my car out at the weekend, but found that my rev counter is no longer working, doesn’t move from 0 even when car is idling. Car seems to idle fine, its not lumpy or missing a beat, just annoying the counters no longer functioning

Does anybody have any tips on how I can identify what the cause of the issue is?

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Usually ptu that causes rev counter issues.
I would start with that.

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There is a way to test them.
Here’s a link.

Thank you, will take a look at the PTU, do you think it might be worth giving the plug a clean?

Rev counters can just die for no reason mine has just done that, so try and find a good second hand one if the ptu tests fine

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I have a PTU I could send you to test, if its still the same then you could just send it back? :+1:

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I had a similar problem with my rev counter, sometimes it showed nothing, and sometimes the reading was too low.

Knowing that all the electronics in our cars suffer from failing capacitors, I replaced the capacitors in the rev counter, and voila!, back to working order.

Unfortunately I cannot remember the values of the capacitors, but it is clearly marked on them.

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Thank you, I will take a look at it this weekend and PM you :slight_smile:

hopefully not more capacitors lol,
Thank you for the info :slight_smile: I thought about taking the cluster out and seeing if the wiring was ok but this looks like quite a big job

I have the same issue, pretty sure it will be capacitors - hoping to do the job over the next few weeks, I’ll post here with any luck

did your car sit for a while before this happened?

Taking the cluster out is a piece of cake

From memory so bare with me

There are two screws at the top of the black bezel , remove those and pill the bezel/shroud forward , unclip the electrical connectors and place to one side ( you can see them by looking up )

You will see 4 screws around the outside of the instrument cluster , remove them and voila it will pull forward

Does help if you have the steering wheel lowered too


I think the hardest bit was actually gstting the plastic surround out with the steering wheel in place

Yeah @reece.cambridge, drop the column and its ok.

Terry :sunglasses:

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So interestingly I brought the car to work today, the rev needle moves to about 1k, and that’s as far as it goes, The car doesn’t get used very often, I have probably done about 600Km since May, but car does get started frequently.

I will try and get the cluster out and check behind it :slight_smile: Thank you

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