Rr day at hypertech ,scotland

just getting names together (through clanjapan) if anyone is interested in a rr day one sunday(date not verified yet) next month at hypertech in bonnybridge. so if any scottish members are interested get your name down and ill find out what dates are available,plus well be having a barbi at this one aswell :wink: i know chooch has his name down just wanted to know if anyone else was up for it :wink:

i’m in… if someone ever sends those bits we need to get the gearbox back together…

nice one chris :wink: saw your box still in bits at the weekend when i was picking my car up. ill add your name to the list.not verified a date yet so hope your car will be ready by then.


thanks old boy, fingers crossed. been waiting ages now.

how’s your’s running?

running great :smiley: just under 1 bar and its tourquey as hell.it pulls like mad in every gear now and sits sweet at 70 cruising,then floor it in 6th and off it goes.very pleased with robs 13t’s.


I’ll be there, are there any other Scottish owners wanting to come along. I think there are still spaces.


I won’t make this one…