RYAN newbie here

Hi everyone. I’m Ryan. Finally got around to becoming a member. I’ve got a UK twin with some annoying problems. Here are some pics of mine. ![20210326_161055|666x500](upload://r



Good post Ryan

Has had some money spent on her in the past you can see that :+1::sunglasses:

Hi Ryan, where abouts ibn the country are you, there is also a map, done by @spiros which shows roughly the position of the members in 'UK.

Car looks good, at least the baying crowd won’t be after you for pictures.

Terry :sunglasses:

Interesting blue joiner on the rear Turbo may have my 13T or 19T turbo’s fitted !
Get a picture of the turbo join to where the blue joiner meets the turbo Ryan and i can tell from that maybe

Good eyes yes they are 13ts . Thay weree re built by turbo dynamics. Think the rear has a crack as it blows some intermittently P.s. I live in Bournemouth. Will get used to posting properly later.

Oh yes I’ve spent a pound or two on it even done a 5 to 6 speed conversion. New box along with shaft transfer box and gear linkage .

Hope you have some supporting mods to adjust the extra airflow as 13T flow far more than the stock turbo and the stock ECU will run out of fuel buy around 3500rpm and experience savage fuel cut if you haven’t


Hey Ryan I’m in Bournemouth too and have a 3000gt



That’s a sweet motor. I’ve not done some mods to fueling… mods include stainless cat back exhaust. Stage 2 organic clutch. 6 speed box upgrade. Rear fuel bank pipe upgrade. Bigger turbos . Forged and balanced engine. Wilco pistons. Rad upgrade . Steering wheel and head lining control Thats about it ATM.

You should upgrade the fuel pump(hotwired),injectors like 550cc,and something to control them like safc,greddy ultimate or similar or even upgrade the ecu.as rob said them turbos flow a lot more than the standard even at stock boost and it will run lean at high rpm,something to log for knock is essential like hhh or similar.
I wouldn’t high rev it at this stage

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Fair enough. Was intending to do fueling but life changed and got married. She dose gave her problems. Got intermittent smoke that I think is the rear turbo cssing that could have cracked. Speedo ring gear in the box. Big plastic gear has cracked so no speedo and got tge hot start problem. …lovely set of problems

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thats more important getting married i mean,family always comes first so congratulations on that.
Yes at least I would get a data logger to see what is going on.important to log for knock especially after doing upgrades.


Hi Ryan,

Welcome to the club :+1: I’m not far from you up Andover way. I also may have a 6 speed speedo thing in my parts stash.


Hello . This sounds interesting. I need one of those. The big gear ring in the box. N.b. I have a fair few bits if anyone wants me to list em up. Ryan

Hi Ryan,
Currently nonfunctional pile of red painted metal but with an mot.

Ryan I have a mk2 gto in black I’m breaking…you may want some bits …im looking for a air con pipe .the one from condenser to the dryer.

Welcome to the club mate. Lovely looking motor :+1:

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Hi. Funnily got to take a look. Think this is the pipe your after. Will get the pic sorted. Also I have an aftermarket front/rear and down pipe for the twin gto as well. Pick later. This from memory will not fit a standard set up. Didn’t fit mine . Down pipe sweep was too long. Can’t quite remember. Modified only

Not not that one…found one in my spare parts in the end…down pipe could be from mk1 …and looks like a Chinese cheap one…could be wrong