Sad times but up for sale

Red with two tone grey interior.
116,000 miles.
Daily driven since purchase 07/17.
12 months M.O.T
(£670 spent to clear all advisories)
Good service history since purchase.
This is a much loved car but it is 30 years old so it is showing some signs of age, the odd paint chip or slight scratch.
The drivers seat has wear on the bolster plus small hole.
Thousands spent with invoices
Timing belt, ancillary belts,pulleys tensioners, water pump and harmonic crankshaft pulley replaced at 108,000 miles.
3mm hydraulic lifters fitted to help with engine tick with new plugs and leads.
Nylon bushes fitted all round.
Prop shaft hanger bearings renewed.
New brake discs, wheel studs, hub bearings .
CV boots renewed.
New front to back brake pipes.
Both turbos have had New fans and bearings.
Tein coilovers.
Fabricated cat back stainless powerflow exhaust (£750.)
Plus many other bits.

Set of aftermarket wheels.
Tein lowering Springs for mk1 suspension struts.
Replacement oem weather strips
(Good rubber seals and new felt)
(One just needs paint referb).
Spare working climate control.
Complete snake eye kit.
Seat belt hoop for drivers seat.
Plus other bits and bobs.

Only reason for selling is I need a newer daily driver and I have nowhere to keep her.


Good luck with the sale :+1:

Looks a good car - and certainly don’t let it go for peanuts- hold out and the right buyer will come along.



This is among my favourite cars in the club.

Very sad to see your selling Dave, here’s to a quick sale, I personally think it’s on the low price side and is a beautiful example.

Good luck Dave and Sue.


Cheers Steve your words have made me feel happy about the car, I know its sad times and if I had space I’d keep her but its not to be plus its not a daily driver now.
The price is reasonable in the middle as she is not perfect
So far someone from Glasgow is coming to see her and this morning was in talks with a bloke in Malta but he offered 6.5k unseen which I’ve turned down.
Hopefully it will go soon.
Popping to the motorist tomorrow and will have a cheeky for sale in the window
Best wishes to you and @Tracie x


This is one of the finest, totally cared for examples in the UK. I have seen this car n the flesh as well, and totally admired its condition throughout.
I also think it’s on a tad on the low side for its outstanding condition Dave, but you have to go with what you feel comfortable with.
Another red beauty…I can name a few whom are the proud owners of red beauties…
Good luck with the sale Dave



Update on the old girl
She has just been purchased this morning by a lady enthusiasts who has loved these cars for many years so I know I’m passing her in to good hands.
With that its a big thankyou to all , this has been the best group I’ve had the pleasure of been part of.
Help. Knowledge, banter, its been fantastic second too none.
Too everyone we have met over years a big thankyou
@stevie @Tracie you’ll be our friends for life.
The committee members and members keep this group great.!
Take care everyone.


It’s a shame you had to let it go, but all the best for the future @davesoper64 and Sue. If ever you’re wanting to come and say hi at a meet don’t hesitate. Been a pleasure.

Terry :sunglasses:


Awww Dave, a sad day, but I’m glad the pain was short for you and that’s she has gone to someone who will clearly treat her well as she deserves and become accustomed to.

We will certainly keep in touch with you and the lovely Sue, thanks for your contribution in the Club and the great memories over the years.

All the best with your new motor when you get her :hugs:

Kind Regards.
Tracie & Steve :paw_prints::paw_prints::paw_prints:


Heya :slight_smile: I have just joined the group. I am the lady entusiast, bought Daves car .I have had Jap imports since I could drive starting with a eunos mx5 then a celica gt4-wrc but I always swooned over the gto’s but only now have I been at a place in life where I have the ability to give this car the love she deserves (now called Gerti) . Everyone on here seems so fond of her, so I thought I would let you know I will be using the same garage to care for her needs as Dave, I have climate controlled storage sorted for her and she will be taken real good care of. Dave - Sue your more than welcome to come visit her any time you like and make sure I am doing a good job :slight_smile:


Welcome to the group, we all know Dave’s car and glad its found someone to carry on giving it the love it so deserves, hopefully see you on a meet or two.

Terry :sunglasses:


You definitley will :slight_smile: