Santa Pod RWYB 3rd Sept

I shall be going to this (weather bla excuses) on Saturday 3rd September.

Gonna see how I can do on my current set up and see if I can beat my pb of 12.13 @ 120 mph.


Good Luck for that James. I’d lkve to go down that strip one day to see what its like. Must be fantastic!



You’ll do 11’s. Good luck.


good luck matey :slight_smile:


Santa pod is amazing, best of lucky buddy fly the flag!

Weather is good so I have no excuses!


Know how to adjust your L/C?



Wow i didnt know you had an LC James…??? :roll: :roll:

:smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

[quote]Know how to adjust your L/C?



Yep I did have a play with it prior to going today. Anyway I didn’t use today and have a whole load of excuses:- there was strong headwind; it was too cold and the track never warmed up and neither did my tyres; too much heat soak in the queues.

I did a really rubbish 12.8 @ 110 mph and that was my best of the day. My 60 fts were 1.8 but conditions were not right. I went up to 1.4 bar max and didn’t see any point in going the extra 0.1 bar that my setup would allow. I haven’t dragged for three years so that may have been a factor.

Pretty disappointed really. Nothing broke though and the car feels mighty on the road just rubbish on the strip - for the moment.

I think an RD350 would be pretty slow too. I did see someone on a GPZ500S like I have and that was slower than my 12.8.