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Hi all, I’m a new member (forum only ATM ), I’m based in Fife Scotland, and have a 94 mk2 GTO auto n/a with just under 59k miles on it. It’s totally standard and drives spot on. One thing bothering me is the headlights are manky on the inside, has anyone managed to clean the inside ?

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If it is just water moisture, you can take out the bulbs and gently dry out with warm air. It can be a slow process but sometimes works. Also. It is possible to separate the glass from the plastic back and them clean the glass. This is not for the novice or faint hearted. There are videos on youtube but if you get it wrong, you can warp the plastic so beware.
if you need to split them this is a how to :slight_smile:

Hi @ton246 welcome to GTOUK few of us in this Club from Scotland, the forum is full of information and technical data available to Full Members, I suggest You join us well worth the £20. Few guys in here have done similar job and mods to MK2 headlights. Cheers !

He can’t see the link Alec not available to basic users ! Cheers

ops sorry :cry:
ok membership is worth it loads of info on the site on how to do most things to your car :slight_smile:

See there’s a few in Fife, anyone want to meet up ?

@ton246 Events North of the Boarder 2019

Hi spiros, as a member of tayside classic car club I attend most car shows during the summer with my other classic cars. Was just meaning informal get together maybe once a month at different places, maybe for Sunday breakfast. This is what we do with the car club during the winter months. Just a thought.

Not bad idea if there is some more interest , not easy to motivate people to attend meetings, do You own the BMW e23 735i and Daimler xj40 by any chance ! ?

I know what you mean, it’s not easy getting people together, but seems to work well with our club. We had a meet on Sunday past, where there was 25 members attending, not easy for the waitress !! Yes, I own the BMW & Daimler, bit of a sore point at the moment with the BMW.

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