Scott and Vikky


Massive thanks for theses guy’s going out of their way today to bring smokin 2 to Norwich @ScottMR.
Great too​ see you both, hope it wasn’t too bad a drive home, certainly not as loud as on the way down, what you say Scott… I’m deaf :joy:

@stevie she’s be unfaithful mate

And thank you to @Colin_GTO for my top mount… Mr Dent grrr!

Now to think with brain before engaging wallet :joy: slowly does it…but I want it done now!
Dave :kissing_heart:


How rude Lucy :rage:

Glad it all went ok you don’t find many people like Scott and Vikky these days, the family spirit we have here in the Club.

Tracie :frog:


Good to see you both again,car drives a treat,just got in now for some pet time


Top work by all involved :+1:


nice touch Scott & Vicky


■■■■■■ well done guys, again GTOUK shows how we are not a run of the mill car club.