Scott v Daniel @ SKY Insurance

Has anyone else come up against this thought like me Who the F#@k is this Daniel? Bring back Scott?

Just a thought a be on your toes warning re Daniel

Three cars insured with them and he sounds like he cant be arsed. Scott was falling over for our buisness.


heard the same thing from two supra lads amazing how bad reps spread :shock:

talk to luke, hes a good guy

Scott rules!

Budget quoted me £1356 fully comp which nearly put me off buying one but I thought I’d give sky a go out of interest and Scott came up with £656 fully comp!

Just a slight difference then!

Hi guys thyis is Scott, I am still here and I still want your business. Danny is my trainee. I’m sorry to hear he came across as uninterested. He is genuinely really interested in the jap car scene and most of the feedback I have had about him is good, but I will show his this thread and have a chat with him.

Thanks for the heads up.