Scottish motor show at knockhill 12/13th may

theres an event on this sat/sun 12/13th may.anyone interested.
iv’e spoke to mark(markdas) about this and seeing if theres anyone up for it.

Well, sadly this is another I won’t make. I not back from Canada till around the end of the month. I know I don’t have my car a the moment but would stiil have made an appearance.


Might be going with my dad on the sunday. Would be a good little mini meet if others where going.

Wow, that looks like a really good day out!
Put me down as a “maybe” at the moment

I’m definately going with my dad on the Sunday. Anyone else going then?

im hoping to make it on the sunday(poker night on sat at my brother in laws) opens at ten so should be up and about :lol:

hi guys

i’ll be there either saturday or sunday as its only 10 mile from me.

let me no what day most gto’s are going.

I’ll try and make it Sunday, although the weather is not looking very favourable… I guess it’ll make the 4x4 demonstrations more interesting :smiley:

Mark, are you still interested?

its suppost to rain at the weekend :cry:
the show is just going to have a large car park for any visitors ,no club stands so if we were going it would be better to meet somewhere and go in together so the cars are parked next to each other :smiley:

How about we make it the Sunday - not sure where the best place to meet would be. It would be good to be parked up together.

At the moment I don’t think I am going to make it…if I do it won’t be in the GTO…gearbox still drained waiting to get oil…other cars need serious work to get them ready for the MOT next week and I have gearbox to save my pennys for coming from Rob for later in the year!!!

Im sure you will have good day though…Scott…remember you are the official photographer…


Well - It was a good day out. Thankfully arrived nice and early and got a chance to look around before the skies opened. Some nice looking cars - but the highlight for me was the blue Gallardo that was being driven hard round the track that was popping 3ft flames out the exhaust! :shock: :shock: And also the amazing advance in human transportation technology which was the jet pack… 20 seconds of pleasure and the guy had to walk back to his van

did you get any pics andy :? i couldnt make it today so i decided to paint my kaze replica front lip 8) i read reviews on the show yesterday and folk were saying it wasn’t worth the 15 quid entry fee so i just got drunk last night instead :lol:


Some - will try and get them posted tommorow - need to pull them out my phone. I think it would have been better without Knockhill’s unique weather system - pouring rain!!

Glad you made it Andy…I just had to get stuck into this Nissan Micra cos my daughter is 17 next month and I need it MOT’d for then!!! Still not finished and I almost lost the top of my little finger and took a nice chunk out of another with my angle grinder!!! Doh!!

Will catch up with you guys soon


hi andy

well it was nice to see at least 1 other gto there .

i take it you mean this

heres a few of its friends

heres another few , will add more when i get time

Yeah - that’s the one! I think we should try and get a GTO stand next time its on. Something for Mark to look into…once he grows his fingers back and shuts his cut-n-shut shop? :wink: On a serious note - hope its not too bad Mark! And to think it was Ewan I had down for mild injuries today!

good pics there mate :smiley: some nice supercars,i like the zonda 8)


Great pictures but I wish you hadn;t put up those of the Lambo Countach in particular…I came over all funny!!!

Fingers will re-gro I am sure

What was Ewan up to that was dangerous???


Some great pictures there, shame I didn’t make it…

What an air filter! - I think that beats the blitz one…

And as for that drag car, I’d love to see that in action!

I never did anything dangerous… Although I could have…
Was out on the ■■■■ last night, and doing some serious rockery building / gardening today. Andy thought I might do some damage - as if! :wink:

Looks like we have a 2nd photographer :idea: