Second Car

Well you learn something new everyday, I did not realise your no claims bonus is attached not to you, but to a policy/car, and if you have a second car which you insure in your name you have to start from scratch with the no claims bonus, how crazy!! :shock:

Changing jobs and am forgoing the company car (get cash instead, need it to fund the GT :slight_smile: ) so decided to buy an estate as redecorating whole house and got some nice quotes on a Vectra Estates Managed to get Admiral to change GT insurance to multi policy so have given me 5 years free no claims on second car, but even still.

Seems to me another way to con cash out of you.

quite a few places will mirror no claims for a second car, i got that thru A-Plan when i got my GTO


Admiral mirrored mine after I pointed out to them that nowhere on the online quote form did it tell me that NCB couldnt be used on two cars.

Yep, they kept my NCB on both my cars too…

Just don’t fit a boost controller to your car or they will drop you! Mind you you will have to explain the difference between the boost controller and bullbars :roll:

If you move house, you will get charged an admin fee on both policies for the change of address, even if both your postcodes are same…

Otherwise quite a good deal :wink:


Is that a a boost controller on the vectra or the GT :lol:

So does that mean if I crash one of the cars the other ones policy will not be effected :lol: you can try!

Still another example of rip off Britain if you ask me! :frowning: