Selling - Breaking My Mk1 GTO 😭

Hi @leon1

Just wondering are you interested in the MAF and fuel pressure regulator?

Thanks Ian

Hi mate just wondering if the turbo y pupe is still available and also about a month ago i contacted you regarding the cross beam under the radiator as mine is mangled do you still have it and is it okay??

Hi @dylan sent you pm

Hi do you still have that throttle body ?

Hi @johhnnie

Yes I do have the throttle body

Hi do you still have the y pipe and dump valve?

Many thanks


Hi @darren1

Y pipe sold but I do have the dump valve

Aww dam I only needed the y pipe what you asking for the value ?
Many thanks


Hi @darren1

Make me an offer

A few more bits removed

Ready for sale, front crash beam, fog lights and front radiator

Hi , what you looking for it with postage to fk10 4qt area .


Hi all a brief run down on parts remaining

1 cylinder block complete with crank pistons etc just heads removed

1 5 speed gearbox

1 transfer case

1 rear diff

1 propshaft

Front and rear drive shafts

2 electric door mirrors

2 doors

1 tailgate

Front and rear brake calipers

Front suspension both sides

Front and rear bumpers

2 pop up headlights

2 outer rear light units

Various switches

Steering wheel and column

I am also at the AGM next Saturday so can bring parts etc with me


Hi All

Removed the exhaust today and discovered its HKS 3106 rear box and centre pipe.

The bottom front edge of the rear box as suffered slight damage at some point in it’s life.

But everything is still very solid all i have done if give the box a quick brush done. In the next few days i will polish it up.

I know in the past these used to cost well over 500++

I am not expecting this figure but open to good offer.

Side note this was never very loud

Hi im after 2 outer window door trim seals left and right would this be possible to have? If so price please

Sorry weather strip first to go @maca

Thanks for asking

Thanks for letting me know

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Looking for

Fusebix cover in he driver foot well


Radiator top brackets (the sides)


Hi @3000gt

Simon sorry no fuse box cover ir ariel

Yes i do have the top radiator brackets