Selling - Breaking My Mk1 GTO 😭

Hi All,

With very heavy heart I am now breaking my GTO Mk1 all parts available except no rear seats/no rear interior.

All parts of her must go.

Wheels - These are very light weight could do with a refurb
Steering racks
Front - Rear suspension
Front - Rear brake calipers
1 engine - no turbos
1 engine bottom end
2 cylinder heads - front and rear bank
Front - rear lights
Wing (door) mirrors

And obviously all the other parts the GTO is built with, any questions please, message on here, PM me or txt/ring me

Thank you all, I would rather break on here then Ebay or Facebook so you can all get the benefit :sob:

Hi There, I’ve just read your accompanying thread, and am sorry to hear about recent events!

There’s potentially a lot here I would be interested in, I’m almost certain I’ll be needing an engine rebuild at some point.

Can I ask what state the engine components are in? You mentioned you had trouble getting the car on the road, was that engine related, or something else?

Hi mate, sorry to hear you’re breaking her down. Mind if I ask where in the UK you’re located? If you’re close by I wouldn’t mind popping over to see what I could use.

All the best, Will

Hi @luke3

I did have engine problems but they should be resolved head gaskets blew and have been replaced, I have the engine in car car but no longer running due to no turbo’s these have been used on brother in laws car. I also have a second / spare engine that has the heads removed and no notice able damage. I am based in Nuneaton if you would like to pop over and have a look etc or I can upload photos later

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Hi @will4 I am based in Nuneaton near Coventry

Thanks, sounds good. If you want to PM me some photos, that would be really helpful.

Nuneaton is about an hour and a half from me, so I could drive up on a weekend to take a look potentially.

Hi @luke3

Weathet dependent i will get some photo’s done tomorrow

And send them over to you

Of course, no rush!

Hi mate im sorry to hear, do you have any parts of the front active aero and chassis as im in dire need of parts for my GTO


Hi @dylan
Sprry no front aero chassis yes

This is currently what im looking for and the issue

Hi @dylan

I guess your not referring to the pile of rust :slight_smile:

Are you after the cross beam under the radiator? thanks Ian

Yes mate yeah :joy: if i carnt find a replacement ill just have to cut it to peices and weld it from scrach ehich is doable but a pain to do so

Hi @dylan

When I remove the front bumper i can check the condition of mine, if good i could cut the section out you need

That would be great mate thankypu however the rot does go all the way up behind the fog light but its just the left side

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Thanks for this Ian.

I’m sure someone will get in there before me (i’ve got to work out how much i need to replace on mine first!)

Separately, I’d potentially be interested in the lower tailgate weatherstrip (mb645280) Is it in good condition? I have new clips to mount it to my car, but the weatherstrip itself is elusive.

Hi @luke3

Sorry weather strip gone.

I will keep up loading photo’s over next week or 3 anything you need/spot message me and i can always hold if required

No worries.

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Hi. How much for the MAF and the fuel pressure regulator please?

Hi @leon1

For the MAF and fuel pressure regulator £130 collected or £140 posted

Thanks Ian