Selling my mr as a non runner

decided I need to sell the car ive been building the last 3 years :frowning: I’m looking for 5k for it , I know its a non runner but be good project for someone with a engine sitting just to finish the boot build and tidy it up abit .
if no interest ill be breaking it and get a ist of parts up soon .

thanks scoob

Sad days Scott but You know when the time has come, hopefully You’ll be around for a while and soon You’ll get another one :wink:

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yea mate been a long 12 or so years in gto world met a lot of great folk on here and on ■■ but time has come to move on , don’t think ill buy another to be honest but their still the best looking jap car out there :wink:


I don’t know about that but I know You made someone’s day by giving up the GTO :smiley: I’ll see You around. Cheers

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now breaking see list in parts :wink:

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