Servicing car - near Kent, Maidstone

Hi everyone just looking for a bit of help.

I need to service my car and am struggling to find anyone who knows anything bout the car, I have gone to the main dealership but when talked to them about adjusting the Bc suspension on the car they didn’t fill me with much hope

I’m in the Kent area in Maidstone



Eurospec in Guildford will always be the first stop. May be a way to travel but well worth the trip.
List of their servicing costs in here:

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Thanks just phoned them up and sounds as though it’s worth the drive :slight_smile:
Although if anyone here wants to open a garage in Maidstone it will be appreciated next time lol


I used to take mine up to a garage in West Kingsdown near Brands Hatch when I used to live in Maidstone :slight_smile: But if I knew about Eurospec I would have probably driven over to them as they know the cars very well.

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@chris_cook1785 i had recently problem with my Gto and was struggling to get it fixed for over 3 months.last week i took it to Eurospec and boom it was sorted i would defo recommend them

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Thanks all for the advice sounds like it’s the place to go