Servicing my gto


Alright lads and ladys :slight_smile: hope your all well .
quick questions
what oils do you guys use Engine oil
gear box oil
diff oil
transfer box oil

and also the amouts for them :slight_smile: just bought

thanks in advance ROB


Hi and welcome to GTOUK :sunglasses:

What model do you have this will give a different set of recommendations depending what variant it is ,

Also we love pictures on here , so show your new ride off


Craig :grinning:


Welcome along.
As craig said really :slight_smile:


Yup as above get pictures up! Also there are plenty of people on here that can give recommendations on what fluids to use but don’t forget that Opie oils are very useful. Contact @Oilman and give them the details of your car. They can give plenty of advice.


Thanks for that, we can usually recommend stuff to use when we have the specs.




Hi there , this is the car :slight_smile: unfortunatly been sat for 3 years neglected so in need of tlc and going for a full respray once saved up for it :slight_smile: its the GTO 3.0 twin turbo 4wd version 1


Welcome to the club good luck with your gto.


Is it a standard car as far as you know?


Give me a call Rob and i can go through what you need to look after your car

Tim is a great guy, but he owns a Gay car, so as i own 5 GTO’s and 3000GT i am your best bet

Cheers another Rob :joy:


yes as far as i know :slight_smile: it does have hks mushroom shape filters (if thats standard or not ) lol


its also the 4WS if that makes a difference ?


And thank you for reply guys :slight_smile:


do i need to take his filter off car how do i replace sponges?

what oils do i buy

engine oil
gear box oil

anything else mini service?


Hi can you please use the appropriate sections now for this

Strictly speaking this is the newbie sections for introductions , you will find oil specs and recommendations in the appropriate sections


Craig :grinning: