Shakespeare's RWYB Dates

RUN WHAT YA BRUNG… Putting YOU in the hot seat!

How many times have you said to yourself ‘that looks easy - I could do that!’. Well, now here’s your chance to find out because Shakespeare County Raceway is giving you a unique opportunity by grabbing some interactive viewing from the hot seat of your street legal road car or from the saddle of a contemporay sports bike in any of our Run What Ya Brung Public Track Days all at an affordable price, and in the safe confines of a professionally operated drag strip.

After each timed run, drivers/riders are presented with a ‘Certificate of Speed’ giving important information like reaction times to the green light, timing data from start to finish alongside your opponents times and speeds.

All vehicles are welcome; Minis, Trucks; Super Cars and Bikes. All are welcome to race against the clock including Modifieds, Imports, Circuit and Oval Track Race Cars are all welcome to participate too. Clubs, gatherings, events within events; these can be arrange too. Whatever the occasion, whatever the event, if its got wheels - you can race it at one of Europe’s quickest and fastest quarter mile drag strips.

Here is a list of all our up and coming RWYB Public Track Days for anyone who fancies running their motor down our 1/4 mile track!
(More information on selected dates at