She's home

(Urban) #1

Known to a few as ONO now had her home in west Yorkshire. Plenty of work to be done before she is ready but a great drive home from the Midlands today. She is close to standard atm but I want to get her around 450bhp over time.

Finally I’m officially a GTO owner.


(Spiros Kapadohas) #2

Looking Good Tony :+1:

(Terry Wilkes) #3

Can’t go wrong with that one @chinkshields, well done.

Terry :sunglasses:

(Anh Hoang) #4

Mk1 cars look great in black.

(Tracy Parkin) #5

Great to see Chris, so nice you have kept her in the Club.

Hope to see you both are an event soon Uno needs to be reunited with Club members.


(Jerry Castle) #6