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Hi all, new to the site and I hope there is a wealth of knowledge here as I my need it, I hope I’m not bringing up previous topics so forgive me if I have, I own a 1990 mk1 gto3000 import non turbo, engine has recently gone bang and I have managed to get hold of what I believe to be a mk2 tci mfi non turbo engine, brand new, still in the create with all ancillaries fitted, 0 miles engine so what a grab, question is will this fit or is there to many issues to work around to get this running,

If it is a MK2 N/A 6G72 GTO engine, it shouldn’t be too much trouble at all to fit.
I believe it will all go straight in, with only minor issues do to changes, all of which have a solution.
Many people have swapped a MK2 TT engine into a Mk1 TT
The N/A should be very similar to swap over.
Nice find!

Hi thanks for the reply, I’m guessing if I wanted to I could use manifolds, oil filter housing, water housing and injectors off a TT and convert it, I know I would need to play with ecu , only real issue I can see is the compression ratio is different, could I run on a lower boost or will I need to drop the ratio

by boost do you mean turbo boost, I thought you said non turbo…? compression ratio wont make any difference if its non turbo…do you want to boost the mk2 engine…fit a turbo to it, if you do then its a whole different ball game to go turbo on a n/a engine

Hi, yes it is a n/a engine but as a project didn’t know how hard it would be to transform it to a turbo

It’s not impossible, but nonetheless a pretty steep hill to climb. Your best option if you really want to go the twin turbo route is to get hold of a TT engine and its ancillaries. The NA engine you have acquired I’d give my right arm for :smiley: There are posts going way back on upping the power of NAs, but to include turbos you’ll need new heads; manifolds; ECU; exhaust system; rearrange signalling/sensors to crank and cam; oil feeds to turbos etc etc, and that’s just off the top of my head.
I’d be very interested to hear what you intend to do. It will make for a very interesting Forum piece.
Good luck with whatever you decide.


Its VERY do-able @dodgemonkey (hiya doing Mike :sunglasses:)

I have TT’d both an NA manual and an NA Auto now. Both cars push out over 400bhp and the manual is running 550ftlbs of torque !!! All of that on BONE stock NA engines .

I could link you to build threads but that wont go down well I guess.


If you could link a thread that would be great, I have seen a page on converting a n/a, they kept the original heads on only major task they had trouble with was oil feeds to the turbo, I’m guessing the oil filter housing is a direct swap and I can weld some ports into the sump for oil return, as I have a brand new engine I want to do something special with it, any ideas or self build help pages would be great,

Perhaps Elton might like to post up his write up rather than link off site. :wink:

It’s well worth a read.

Hehe…hiya geezer. Good to hear from you fella. You still in sunny Kent? Howz the missus and the kids? All well I hope. Well, there you are daniel - your queries might well be answered here. Talk to Elton (Fastbikes761), he’ll sort you out.

hell no…lol its pages and pages of info. Sod copying and pasting all that over (especially when I wont even have access to it !).

A bit of Google should reveal all the answer you need @danieljmf . In short, pretty much everything is direct bolt on apart from modifying the sump for turbo drains which is simple enough to sort.

@dodgemonkey, hi mate… yeah im all good ta. Still down in sunny Kent with a herd of GTO’s lol. Wife and kids are all good…little 'uns will be 6 in June already :open_mouth: Stopped swearing at traffic wardens now as im all old and sensible now :smile:

How’s your favourite neighbour…

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Out of interest, how much would my engine be worth, if I was to sell,