Short lived

Well that didn’t plan out like I’d hoped the owner mentioned the tappets were noisy but it sounded more like a chain rattling about in the engine I got 2 miles and then it cut out and won’t even turn over to say I’m gutted is an under statement :cry:

That’s crap news mate , depending where you want to go with it and where you are in the country I would give Ben at Eurospec a shout , they know these inside out

Craig :grinning:

Cheers could it be starter motor as it doesn’t click when you turn the key and noise was coming from timing belt side

It’s cranking over but refuses to start I’m at a loss :cry:

sounds like your timing belt has jumped mine did this

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No way, really sorry to hear this. If it’s a chain like sound it could be what scott suggested :frowning:

Hi it’s looking like timings jump.
You can open cover and check timming out.

See if is jump or break off.
Sorry to hear.
Same problem with mine but i am going to replace new engine.

Hi had a mechanic tow me home the belt is very slack but when you turn the car over just quickly all the pulleys move and so does the crankshaft.You can see the belt has marks where it’s been rubbing,lets just hope there’s been no valve damage,what annoys me is that the owner told me had replaced timing belt kit could be he fitted it himself wrongly

Wonder if your tensioner snapped off? I’d stop turning he engine over until you know what damage is done :frowning:


I won’t turn it over again,but good to know the mechanic thinks it’s just jumped a tooth or 2 and not siezed

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Mine had jumped 2teeth due to tensioner failure,luckily no valve meeting piston damage so dont give up hope

Did your car start up or did it die I’m hoping it’s just the timing that’s off to why it won’t start

my car was ran for a mile parked up and failed to start a few days later,turned over,had fuel and good sparks

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There was no loud noise to say that the valves hit the Pistons just the rattle stopped then so did the car,still seems strange the crank turns freely

my crank turned freely too,the timing was reset and it started first turn,i then had a full 60k service done

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It’s in the garage so will let you’s know what damage has been done :thinking:


Well news wasn’t good no compression on any cylinders, anyone wanna buy a car with a f###ed engine, totally gutted and don’t think I will get my money back as it turns out whoever tensioned the timing belt didn’t do it properly :cold_sweat:

i had 30psi across the front bank and car was fine you have 0?

Yeah 0 no compression whatsoever which could mean piston damage which I can’t cover the cost of a new engine plus fitting so gonna sell it as a non runner and see if I can recuperate some money back

Hi i am very sorry to hear this news as i know it have been damaged engine as you mentioned noise and car was cut after few miles drive. and i have told you on my last message.

There is good news
I have see engine on eBay for £550 and it’s still on car.
Mitsubishi gto engine.

As non runners you won’t get much back.

There’s lots people who sell rubbish and make you lost your money.