Side lights and brake hoses

Hi Rob.
We seem to keep missing each other!
I need 2 x front side lights for Mk1 GTO and a pair of the brake servo hoses for the same car. The car is having a new front end and spray this week, so I would need them for around Wednesday/Thursday at the latest if possible.
Do take Paypal? If so let me know the total cost and I can pay you today.
I have PM’d my address to you as well.

Will call you tonight afterb 6.30pm

Cheers Rob

??? Did I miss you again??? Ballcocks! Mobile number is better as young daughter does not tie this up for hours…
Or can I call you, or you tell me how much and where to, on here. Is this getting terribly complicated…?
I’m starting to suffer from Jimmism… :?

All sorted…

Nice having a chat with you Partrick…

Bits in the post in the morning

Cheers Rob

Good talking to you too.
Cheque is in the post…