Sightings of thieving B#stard?

Hi All,
It’s been a long time since I’ve been on the ‘Club Forums.’
I’m sure the older members remember me & my story.
Anyway not to harp on about it too much but I’m wondering if anybody’s heard any rumours as to where that ‘Thieving Bstard’ Bruce may be hiding.
A letter came in from the D.I. who took my case on. They want to know if after all this time whether I want to still keep my case open & if so has any information come to light as to his whereabouts.
If anybody can shed any light on where he may be living, current aliases or whether the sneaky tw
t has reformed another business.
Any help on this will be massively appreciated.



Strewth, didn’t realise they were still looking for him after all this time. Thought this was a GTO fable that was conscripted to the annuls of GTO barsteward history, the things talked about when the kids were asleep and the camp fire was dimming!!!

Wow, is all I can say, they should have cut his legs off!!!

Terry :sunglasses:

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A few still here remember him, but fortunately, or unfortunately in your case don’t know his whereabouts now.


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Sorry to hear this is still going on , he was big on the other site so they might have more info , thankfully we got rid of him .

Please do keep us informed though if you get somewhere