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I must be bored or something but I have just decided to ask about something that has been bugging me for years.

Why is it that even though I have ticked the box “Keep me signed in every time I log on”, and I have in the past clicked on “save password”, (that doesnt come up anymore) I still have to put the first letter of my user name in the signing in box and then for some reason I get a choice of 3 names to highlight?

I can’t answer your question, sorry, but I have a similiar thing. Not on this website but a different one. I’ve wondered the same.

Hi Chaz,

If you clicked on ‘Log me on automatically each visit: [x]’ on the login screen then you shouldn’t need to enter your username each time. When you go to the main website page and click on the forum button it should take you straight to the forum and you should be logged in.

If you have been logged out or if you log in from a different computer then you will be asked for your username/password etc.

The reason when you enter the first letter of your username you get three choices is down to the internet browser that you are using - it is remembering that you are entering a ‘username’ and it prompts you with the text you have entered into any website that had a field called ‘username’.

You can clear this by going into your browser options and selecting to clear the ‘saved form information’. I can’t be more specific without knowing which browser you are using :slight_smile: CAUTION clearing the saved form information will also clear it for ALL websites - so it won’t automatically fill in your username / address / telephone number / etc on any other website you visit.

On your browser if you clicked ‘save password’ when you enter your username on that website your browser will try to automatically fill in the password field for you.

I hope that’s clear and helps :slight_smile:



Mmm sort of but as I freely admit, computys aint my thing and its an adventure everytime I sit in front of one (also amiracle if it is still working when I get up again) but thanx Dan, I will print off what you have said and go searching to see what I am using etc.
Oh and Happy xmas mate :praise: :praise:

You will probably find that Your internet security is deleting all cookies.
The forum wont know who you are without a cookie.
Jeff 8)