Silver mrk 1 in Quinton

Silver mark 1 gto. Non active areo parked up in Quinton, Birmingham.

Iv seen it in the same spot now for the past 3 weeks.
Anyone on here?

If it’s in quinton it’s stolen for sure :wink:

Craig :slight_smile:

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Roflmfao :joy::joy::joy:

Highly possible mate.

I passed it again this morning on my way back home. Parked on West Blvd rd.

Nice tidy looking car to be fair.

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I only grew up a few minutes away form there in Bartley Green

Craig :slightly_smiling:

That explains a lot @CDMH :joy: :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:



Heading back up that way on Tuesday for the week.
Not sure what car though. Might take the vw battle bus again or maybe the gto or ummm something.

I live Brierley hill n I met a guy the other week with a silver 1 parked at a house on the saltwells estate by merry hill. Dunno weather he lived there but it sounds like the same 1. I know to only two other gtos in this area and 1 of them is a black mk2 and this silver mk1 oh and now mine. There maybe more but those are just the 1ns I’ve seen. These motors are getting rare lol

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Ahh cool. I’ll keep an eye open when I’m up next week.
I didn’t see the silver one all of last week mind.
Not sure when I will be taking the gto up next.
Well I guess as soon as I get them rear arms sorted.