Simply Japanese 2017

Hi all,

Simply Japanese is on next Sunday at Beaulieu 30th July. I’m not sure if anyone is planning on going as I haven’t decided myself yet. Is anyone planning on going. People can always meet outside and park up together etc…


Think @ScottMR is going

Iwas but didnt realise it was a sunday so wont be going this year

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If it’s a nice day and as it’s only a 40 min drive for me may take Sophia to see the cars an stuff.



Been to this one a couple of times, decent show.

This year though we are heading up to York with The Hulk to Ten of The Best at Elvington which falls on the same day to fly the flag for GTOUK :wink::wink::wink:

Tracie :bee:

I am going and it looks again going only me…


I think, I will take my little one…

Nice. I’m still in two minds as not sure what the weather is going to be like.

I do not care the weather, but prefer sunny day. I have just checked on maps and it is 3h driving for me, so I will not take my little one…

Will be there, live 15 mins from it, can’t go wrong!

Hoping to see a few GTO’s to see how bad mine is!

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■■■■ head :joy: Sophie tells her freinds she is an interpreter now


Yeh it’s only 40 min for me. Where abouts are you? I’m up by Andover.



Will be there at opening

I’m 15 mins away so I shall be going , is anyone meeting before hand at the pub carpark Hill Top , 2 mins from the event, if so what time ect… or do we have a spot on the event ???

There is no club stand this year. Looking at the weather it doesn’t look like I will make this. I know a few others are going. Nice car :grinning:

Can’t make the event driving a ariel atom and gtr track day Oxford area hope it says dry for both of us

Hope its a good show, Lukas and whoever. Wish l could be with you, l am in a bar in Andernach, working of course. Looking forward to Jap Perf and Jae

Mines a pint then barman :wink:

Non probs, but not working behind the bar right now!! just parked up the coach, 4 hours late after monster delays at Dover and stupid drop off in centre of Cologne, l need a beer or two.
Still day off tomorrow maybe another beer.

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I’ll be there at 9ish and driving into show car area lol, cheaper that way!