Simply japanese 2018

(A Stevenson) #1

Calling all GTOUK members,

Next month is SIMPLY JAPANESE 2018 held at beaulieu,

Details below…

Show date 29/7/18

Are we attending this one together as a club?? and if so could we confirm when are we booking a club patch etc please?.

Hope we can go to this one be good to know who’s up for it?? As it’s getting booked up fast!



(Jensen Richardson) #2

I am on holiday that Weekend I’m afraid.

(Deborah Hayward) #3

I’m goin to this one but be in kurma shakai stand but will come to see u all on gtouk stand

(Mike Jenkins) #4

I’d be up for this one, it’s been a good event in previous years.



(Jensen Richardson) #5

Just seeing if there is anymore interest for this event.
No club stand is needed, but if you want to park together you must enter at the same time guys.
If enough people are going and you want a club stand please let me know asap and I will contact to arrange. But this needs doing very soon.
@bigton3000 has 2 flags that can be used.
This is on the same weekend as TOTB that we are also attending as a club.

(Jensen Richardson) #6
  1. @bigton3000
  2. @mickJ
  3. @dandrummond (different stand)

(Reece Cambridge) #7

After the Mrs’ due date but he might not make an appearance yet! I won’t be attending any shows till August ish time at the earliest

(A Stevenson) #8

Pre-booked clubs are welcome at our Simply events. Please contact the Events team at least two weeks prior to the event to reserve your space.

We will need to know the number of vehicles expected to attend and they will require at least one e-ticket per vehicle taking part. Club Information will be emailed to Club Organisers approximately two weeks prior to the event once we have received final vehicle numbers for your club.

Clubs are requested to arrive at the same time in order to allow our stewards to park your members faster.

(Jensen Richardson) #9

Will ring them and book one then bud. Just waiting for final numbers.

(Mike Jenkins) #10

I’m still up for this one, really nice setting at Beaulieu, been last 2 years, would recommend it :slight_smile:



(Deborah Hayward) #11

any one whos goin to simply jap got a spare Clutch hydraulic fluid cap for sale and if so how much

(Jensen Richardson) #12

Just bumping to see if anyone else is interested.
We have asked for a club stand for this event, and are awaiting a reply.
Please post up if you would like to be on the club stand so we can confirm numbers.

(Jensen Richardson) #13

Have received a reply.
We can only have a club stand if we have 10 cars or more.
The organisers are happy for banners, flags, ect to be used without club stand, but you have to arrive together to be parked in a group.

(Dan T) #14

Did anybody from the club make it to this in the end?